So-called “retaliation” measures by Israel against Palestinian absolutely abominable


RAMALLAH: The so-called “retaliation” measures by Israel against the sovereign, legitimate, and peaceful Palestinian pursuit of justice are absolutely abominable; 

The colonial occupier’s vindictive measures against the Palestinian people are a direct assault on the UNGA’s request for an advisory opinion from the ICJ on the legal standing of Israel’s illegal domination over the Palestinian people and the responsibilities of states;

They are an affront to the ICJ, which is at the apex of the international legal order and the minimum necessary for its maintenance; 

Palestine reaffirms that the international community has a duty to act now to protect its inherent right to seek the counsel and opinion of the ICJ;

States must ensure that Israel ceases its sanctions against the Palestinian people and submit to the rules-based international order or be prepared to receive the treatment owed to pariah states; 

Israel cannot tolerate accountability. It lashes out at its very suggestion. It is used to bullying its way out of any dilemma and getting away with it; 

It must be confronted with unequivocal international measures that stand on principle and affirm the obligation of all states to comply with the law, including facing accountability when warranted;

Israel must understand that the time for accountability is now and it is inescapable;

Palestine shall continue its pursuit of all peaceful, political, legal, and diplomatic means to realize the inalienable rights of our people to return, self-determination, and to independence and sovereignty in their State of Palestine, with East Jerusalem as its capital.