PTI takes govt to task for economic downhill


•             Foreign reserves fall from $16.4b to $4.5b since VONC: Asad

•             Who will stop chaos if leaderless protests erupt in Pakistan, asks Fawad

•             Imran Ismail lambasts govt for backbreaking inflation

ISLAMABAD: /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders have taken the inapt and incompetent government of crooks to task for pushing the country on the brink of bankruptcy, as Pakistan’s foreign reserves alarming dropped from $16.4 billion to only $4.5 billion due to the flawed economic policies of the rulers imposed on the nation.

The PTI leaders, in a statement on Saturday, said that the imported government played havoc with the country economy and compounded the public’s miseries due to alarming upsurge in the inflation.

PTI Central Secretary General Asad Umar lashed out at the imported government for fast dwindling country’s reserves and said that foreign reserves dropped alarmingly from $16.4 billion to only $4.5 billion since the vote of no confidence when the PTI’s well-performing government was ousted, which was the lowest import cover since 2000, when Pakistan was facing sanctions.

“The current dangerously low level of reserves due to sheer incompetence and negligence of imported govt. Reserves have fallen from $16.4 billion to only $4.5 from VONC to today,” he added.

Reacting to Moonis Elahi’s tweet about abduction of his friend by unknown person in black Vigo, Asad Umar stated that foreign exchange reserves have fallen dangerously low and the country was on the brink of bankruptcy, but here unfortunately black Vigo was busy in kidnapping people to put pressure on the political opponents.

He said that the law and constitution were now only on paper in Pakistan. Asad Umar addressed Moonis Elahi that he stood on the right side of the current of history and added that the opponent politics would be buried forever.

Coming down hard on the inapt imported government for failure to rein in the backbreaking inflation, PTI Senior Vice President Fawad Chaudhary said that it was surprising that there was no public response despite the country’s economic collapse and dangerous increase in inflation.

He said that the inflation rate has reached the highest level in the history of Pakistan with an increase of 31 percent. Fawad Chaudhry said that people have shown patience even in this situation, surprisingly; however, he warned, that there was a danger that if protests erupted in the country without any leadership, who would stop this chaos.

About the massive protest demonstration in South Waziristan against prevailing law and order situation, Fawad Chaudhary stated that citizens of Wana in a protest against terrorism. He said that PTI, local organisations and other parties gave call for protest, as it’s a citizenry stand against terrorism.

PTI senior leader Imran Ismail reacted that ever since Pakistan came into existence, the country faced several inefficient and incompetent governments, but the imported government broke all the previous records. He said that the massive increase in inflation rate of 31 percent has broken the back of the people.

Imran Ismail expressed his optimism that they would soon rid the nation of the most inefficient governments of Pakistan’s history.