Unique graduation celebrations at Sheikh Zayed Int’l Academy amid Pandemic


ISLAMABAD (DNA) -‘Unprecedented circumstances provide unprecedented opportunities for innovation’- the sentence that aptly wraps up the efforts of the Principal of Sheikh Zayed International Academy Islamabad, Mrs. Wafaa Abdul Ghaffar and the sterling support of the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates Hamad Obaid Al Zaabi, to mark the accomplishment of IB-DP2 students.

Sheikh Zayed International Academy Islamabad commemorated the success of the  graduating class of session 2019-2020 at the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in a novel fashion to make the day indelible for the students amid the restrictions of the Covid-19.

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Students of IB-DP2 clad in graduation gowns, caps, masks, gloves and face shields, gathered in their private cars festooned with balloons and banners in a convoy headed by the Principal’s car at the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates.

To ensure social distancing, students were instructed to remain in their private cars and  briefly exit individually to receive the certificates of accomplishment from Hamad Obaid Al Zaabi.

To remind the graduates of ethical and professional responsibilities, the Principal, Mrs. Wafaa Abdul Ghaffar, took a Graduation Pledge from the students, who stood three metres apart keeping safe distance among them. The students pledged to be principled, open-minded and caring, to  uphold to help this world become a better place and to use their knowledge and logic to make decisions and choices for the best of humanity.


At this auspicious moment, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates Hamad Obaid Al Zaabi congratulated the ‘SZIA GRADS’ in his stimulating address upon their achievement of a momentous milestone. Hamad Obaid Al Zaabi urged the graduates to stand out as a role model for others,  to shine and be successful in their future pursuits, and to stay connected to the school that has imparted such high standard of education.

The ceremony concluded with a photo session of the graduates with the Principal, Mrs. Wafaa Abdul Ghaffar and cutting of a uniquely designed cake, prepared specially for this occasion.

The distinctively organised graduation ceremony provided an opportunity to the graduates to celebrate their success and remember that no matter the current circumstances seem dismaying, yet the future will be promising.