US ambassador visits Gwadar

US ambassador visits Gwadar


ISLAMABAD, SEPT 12: U.S. Ambassador Donald Blome visited Gwadar, Balochistan, on September 12, to underscore the United States’ commitment to the people of Balochistan, a partnership that remains steadfast and robust. The visit explored opportunities to enrich development, trade, and commercial ties, building on the successful outcomes that underpin the robust U.S.- Pakistan bilateral relationship.

The United States and Balochistan have a strong history of successful collaboration. In the face of last year’s devastating floods, the United States helped 661,000 individuals, providing both food and much-needed cash assistance. And nearly 90,000 children were given nourishing meals to combat the threat of starvation. Over the past year, with U.S. support, 41 health facilities were successfully renovated. In the field of education, U.S. support is strengthening programs at BUITEMS and Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University, and empowering the next generation of youth by developing literacy and education materials in Balochi and various local languages.

During his visit, the Ambassador held productive discussions with political leaders, representatives from the Gwadar Chamber of Commerce, and a diverse group of government and private sector leaders. In his meeting with political leaders, the Ambassador reiterated U.S. support for Balochistan’s development, touching on economic growth, disaster relief and preparedness; security; the benefits of U.S. trade and investment; and measures Pakistan can take to strengthen and improve its investment climate.

Ambassador Blome’s meeting with members of the Gwadar Chamber of Commerce focused on ways to increase U.S. trade and investment in the region’s business, logistics, tourism, fisheries, and blue economy sectors. The group shared how growing these business-to-business relationships can help create inclusive, Pakistani-led growth that supports jobs across Balochistan. They also discussed how deepening business partnerships can enhance technical skills in Balochistan and help increase bilateral trade.

In his meetings with government and business leaders, Ambassador Blome discussed the U.S.-Pakistan “Green Alliance” framework, which is helping our countries jointly meet climate, energy, water, and economic needs. “We are especially focused on supporting Balochistan and all of Pakistan as it strengthens climate resilience, pursues energy transformation, and fosters inclusive economic growth,” Ambassador Blome said. Under the Green Alliance, U.S. assistance has helped more than 12,000 farmers, including many in Balochistan, across 2,000 hectares increase yields and reduce harvest and postharvest losses through improved technology and management practices.

Ambassador Blome also visited Gwadar Port and met with Port Authority Chairman Pasand Khan Buledi to learn about port operations and development plans, Gwadar’s potential as a regional trans-shipment hub, and ways to connect with Pakistan’s largest export market: the United States. In a meeting with Pakistan Naval West Command, Ambassador Blome discussed regional issues and emphasized a continued partnership in the years ahead.