Zalmay urges national elections in Pakistan



ISLAMABAD: Former US Representative on Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad has expressed concern on latest developments in Pakistan. In his Tweet he said Pakistan faces a triple crisis: political, economic, and security. Despite great potential, it is underperforming and falling far behind its archrival, India. It is time for serious soul-searching, bold thinking, and strategizing. Here are my thoughts:

He added the sequential cannibalizing of its leaders through jailing, execution, assassination, etc. is the wrong path. Arresting Imran Khan will only deepen the crisis. I urge 2 steps: 1. Set a date for national elections in early June to avert a meltdown. 2. Use this time for the main political parties to confont what has gone wrong and propose a specific plan to rescue and put the country on a path to stability, security, and prosperity. Whichever party wins the election will have a mandate from the people on what must be done.