“5th International Annual Message of Islam Conference”


ISLAMABAD, APR 10 /DNA/ – Speakers at the “Fifth International Annual  Message of Islam Conference organized by the Pakistan Ulema Council have made it clear that the unity and stability of the Muslim Ummah is the need of the time to end extremism, terrorism, sectarian violence and to resolve the Palestine and Kashmir issues.

“Fifth International Message of Islam Conference” was held here on Monday and leadership of
 Pakistan Ulema Council reiterated to continue its full and active role together with the religious scholars of Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries.

 The participants of the conference also lauded restoration of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran stating that it is a positive step for the unity and stability of the Muslim Ummah.

 Pakistan Ulema Council and International Harmain Al-Sharifain Sharif Council and the  scholars of the Islamic world and important religious scholars recognizing the services and efforts of Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad bin Salman under the patronage of Saudi King Shah Salman bin Abdul Aziz has decided to confer with the award of  ‘Quaid-e-Salam’ 2023-24
(Leader of Peace) for the cause of restoration of world peace, especially resumption of Iran-Saudi Arabia relations, services for pilgrims and, efforts for a ceasefire between Ukraine and Russia and specifically for his efforts for the victims of floods, earthquakes and other disasters in Pakistan, Turkey, Sudan and other countries.

Message of Islam Conference was presided by
President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi, while Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to Pakistan Nawaf Saeed Al-Maliki, Palestine’s Ambassador Ahmed Rabai, Chairman of the Islamic Ideological Council Dr. Qibla Ayaz, Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed, Pir Naqib Rehman, Syed Ziaullah Shah Bukhari, diplomats and Sahibzada Hassan Haseeb and others attended the conference.

On this occasion,  Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council and Secretary General International Tazeem-e- Haramain Sharif Council Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mahmuda Sharfi also approved various resolutions from the conference.

A resolution adopted lauded the services of the Pakistan Army and security agencies and it was said that Pakistan is the greatest country in the Islamic world, and the security and stability of Pakistan is very dear to the Muslim Ummah.

It was also reiterated that all sections of the society should play their respective role for the internal stability of Pakistan and expose the  elements conspiring to weaken and undermine the Pakistan Army and security institutions of the country.

 The religious scholars and Ulemas-Mashaykh across the country reject all kinds of propaganda against Pakistan’s forces and security agencies of the country.

 Message of Islam Conference strongly condemns the campaigning against Pakistan and against the Pakistan’ Army and its leadership and expresses solidarity with the Pakistan Army and its leadership.

Message of Islam Conference expresses full solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians and Kashmiris and also demanded the United Nations, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to resolve the issue of Palestine and Kashmir according to the resolutions of the United Nations.

The conference also urged the world leadership to take practical steps accordingly against the atrocities of Indian and Israeli forces.

 The Message of Islam Conference fully endorses and supports the Makkah-ul-Mukramah Pact constituted under the leadership of Sheikh Al-Azhar and Makkah-ul-Mukramah under the framework of the Paigham e Pakistan and Muslim World League.

  It also appeals to the leadership of all the religious sects and religions for a joint struggle to eliminate the menace of extremis, Terrorism, sectarian violence and islamophobia.

The Message of Islam Conference welcomes the restoration of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia and praises the efforts of China, Pakistan’s greatest friend, in this regard.

The restoration of Saudi Arabia-Iran relations will strengthen the unity and stability of the Islamic world and help to end the sectarian violence and extremism, terrorism and foreign interference in the  Arab Islamic countries.

The Pakistan Ulema Council is in contact with the Ulemas and religious scholars and the political and religious leadership of the Islamic brotherhood countries and is ready to play its role at every level for unity and stability of Muslim Ummah.

The Message of Islam Conference appeals to all sections of the beloved Pakistan to adopt the path of dialogue for the security and stability of the beloved Pakistan and for the improvement of the economic, social and moral situation in the country.

The only solution to the political confrontation that has arisen in our beloved Pakistan or the situation that the anti- Pakistan elements want to create could only be contain through wide-scale negotiation process, so the government and Tehreek-e-Insaf leadership should keeping aside all kinds of prejudices come to negotiations.

The solution to all problems lies in negotiation and negotiation process will solve the problems, said participants of Message of Islam Conference.