Aromatic flavored tea attracts tea lovers in chilly weather


ISLAMABAD, Dec 18 (DNA) — With the onset of chilly weather, aromatic flavored tea available at the eateries ranging from the small kiosks to the big restaurants in the federal capital is attracting a large number of tea lovers, especially youngsters.

Tea is one of the most frequently consumed beverages in Pakistan like in other parts of the world as any official or private gathering remains incomplete without a hot cup of tea.

Black tea, spiced tea, green tea, Kashmiri tea, and ‘Doodh Patti’ were the varieties liked by most of the people in Pakistan for long but now the innovation introduced has become a source of attraction for the tea fans. Many new varieties of this beverage have been introduced during the recent few years as many of the restaurants, stalls and cafes are offering different variations of the most admired beverage.

Mutka, Flavored, Tandori, Ginger, Cinnamon, Shahi, Shanshahi, Qalandari, Karak, Dabang and Jaggery varieties are the most demanded varieties for tea lovers during this winter. Tea points in the city are witnessing a huge rush of tea lovers specifically during the evening and night hours.

Muhammad Aslam, a frequent visitor of the most popular Tandoori Tea stall in Blue area said, “A cup of hot tea is a mandatory part of our friends’ gatherings and we use to visit open-air tea stalls to have a flavored ‘Tandoori Chaye’ during gossips.” The aroma of clay mixed in the tea creates a unique taste and all of my friends are great fans of this flavor of tea, he added.

Mehreen Khan, a visitor at the tea stall in Jinnah Super said, “Normally, I am not a big fan of tea but I can’t resist the aroma of flavored `Tandoori Chaye’ while going through this place”. She said, “Apart from its taste, I also enjoy the making process of the tea. The pouring of the tea in a pre-heated clay pot creates a surprising sound which attracts me a lot.”

Saeed Ali, a said regular visitor of the Tandoori tea stall said, “Having tea most of the time has become a tradition for majority, especially in winter however for me it’s not merely a tradition but an addiction.” He said, “I often visit Daman-e-Koh tea point in the evening and enjoy the aromatic `Jaggery tea’ and fritters (pakoras) while enjoying the natural ambiance of the place”. =DNA