Banning live telecast of Khan’s speeches, filing FIRs a clear fascism: PTI


Fascist group occupying Islamabad hell-bent destroying Pakistan: Qureshi
Political eunuchs criticizing PTI Chairman: Fawad
Farrukh says voice of nation being stifled but gossip brigade let free to target Khan

ISLAMABAD, MAR 6 /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leadership came down hard on the fascist government for imposing ban on airing speeches of PTI Chairman and registering another two FIRs against him and vowed that these brutal tactics would not work because he was the leader of the 220 million people who loved him immensely.
PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi, PTI Senior Vice President Fawad Chaudhry and PTI Central Secretary Information Farrukh Habib on Monday declared that the cabal of crooks could not achieve their nefarious designs through such fascist tactics, as the PTI and Imran Khan’s popularity were increasing with each passing day.
They said that the imported government was looking to escape the elections because the gang of thieves were cognizant of the fact that they would face a humiliating drubbing at the hands of PTI since the real electoral contest would be between PTI and independent candidates who could not secure PTI’s tickets in the forthcoming elections.
In his strong reaction, Qureshi said that the fascist group occupying Islamabad once again resorted to silence the voice of Chairman Imran Khan through PEMRA.
He said that ARY was also being punished for bringing the truth to the people. However, he categorically told these ignorant people that all such tactics would not serve their purpose, as public love for Imran Khan did not need their channels.
He went on to say that the imported government’s infighting was endless. “Their allies continue to raise very serious questions on the state of Pakistan’s economic condition and woeful foreign policy. Yet the government continues unabated, bent upon destroying Pakistan,” he added.
Fawad Chaudhry said that two new FIRs were registered against Imran Khan on Monday of which one FIR was registered in Quetta while another in Islamabad, taking the number of cases against Imran Khan to 75. “There is no shame or modesty in this government,” he added.
He said that Imran Khan was being criticized by those political eunuchs who have never contested the election of a councilor in their life, whose political standings were such either they come to reserved seats or on specific orders, if they have the courage, come and face the PTI in open in the public court.
“Nawaz Sharif is banned because he is a convict,” Fawad said, adding that “Imran Khan is being banned for fear of his speech. The ban has only exposed the rulers further and nothing else.”
Fawad stated that if elections were held today, it would be an electoral battle between PTI and those independent candidates who could not get the PTI tickets, adding that the parties part of PDM would be nowhere in the competition come what may.
Reacting over PEMRA ban on Imran Khan’s speeches, Farrukh Habib came down on the dichotomy, as PTI Chairman was banned from being the voice of the nation but the gossip brigade was given free hand to target Imran Khan.
He stated that Maryam Safdar attacked the Judiciary by airing pictures of two respected judges of the Supreme Court in the public rally and accused them but no action was taken against her. Contrary to it, he said that Imran Khan did not even mention the name of any institution, yet the ban was imposed on his speeches.
He said that none of the ministers talked about problems being faced by the country but all gangs of thieves were bent on defending the corruption of their leaders.