Hijab made mandatory for students, teachers in AJK


The Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) government on Monday made it mandatory for female students and teachers to wear hijab in mixed-gender educational institutions.

In a circular, the AJK education department directed the administration of all the schools and colleges to ensure the implementation of its orders regarding hijab in letter and spirit.

Hijab made mandatory for students, teachers in AJK
Strict action would be taken against the head of the institution if they fails to implement the directions issued by the authorities, warned the AJK government.

However, it is not clarified in the circular what action would be taken against those female students and teachers who do not wear hijab.

While giving the reason behind the circular, the education department’s officers said that it is observed that heads of the institutions are not implementing the dress code issued by the authorities earlier.

The education officers, however, could not provide the details about the dress code issued earlier.

The officers termed the circular “inner matter” of the office, adding that it is issued to ensure discipline in the educational intuitions.

Speaking exclusively to Geo News, AJK Education Minister Dewan Ali Khan Chughtai claimed that the notification is issued in line with “Our religion and moral values of our society”.

“It [wearing hijab] is the order of Allah and the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him),” he added.