Heavy rains have caused high water level in Nullah Lai in Rawalpindi and water accumulation in E-11 sector of the federal capital, said an Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) news release

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD, Capital Development Authority (CDA) has cleared all major roads and markets of rain water after an overnight heavy downpours on Wednesday in the federal capital that had caused flooding in various areas of the city.

 It was a cloud burst that caused flooding in various localities, now the situation is under control as teams were mobilized to respond the situation on war footing, said a senior official of the authority.

  He recalled that an unprecedented rainfall had occurred In Islamabad Rawalpindi in 2001, resulting in 620 mm of rain in a span of about 10 hours.

  On the contrary the federal capital received around 350 mm in three hours, he said adding it was a massive cloud burst since 2001 Rawalpindi flooding, but response by the authorities was quick and water passed.

  “It was a challenge, a natural calamity, but we were on roads since 6 AM and clearing stuff wherever required,” he said.

   he said the federal apex agency had tasked the Engineering Wing to supervise the drainage of water as results of rain spells.

   Similarly, he said various formations of the authority including Roads Directorate (North), Road Directorate (South), Markets and Road Maintenance Directorate and others remained busy in draining water accumulated due to heavy rain fall.

All staff was on high alert  as more rains are expected in coming days, while a flood cell has been established with the help of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad and federal capital administration to swiftly respond any emergency situation, he added.

  The federal capital police was also deployed across the city to avoid any untoward situation.

     CDA management had removed wild shrubs and trimming of grass especially along the road drainage system which was affecting the proper drainage of rain water, he said.

Meanwhile, at least two people, including a minor, were drowned when water entered homes in Islamabad’s Sector E-11, confirmed an official of Islamabad administration.

He said the administration rescued three children while one child and the mother died.

The flood situation in Sector E-11 was created due to the poor performance of the management of a housing society, he added.

    “They do not have the machinery to deal with the flood situation,” he said, adding that Islamabad’s sector E-11 is not managed by the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

            CDA had managed to clear the accumulated water in sector E-11 without any support from anywhere.

            Meanwhile Islamabad administration has announced opening of Rawal Dam spill ways at 1500 hours as water level in Korang nullah has dropped in last two hours and blockages have been cleared by District Administration.

            Spill ways will be opening at minimum level to ensure smooth flow of water. All rescue teams are deployed along Korang Nullah to cater for any unforeseen situation.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Army troops on Wednesday started relief and rescue efforts after heavy rainfall lashed out the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad in order to assist the civil administration.

Heavy rains have caused high water level in Nullah Lai in Rawalpindi and water accumulation in E-11 sector of the federal capital, said an Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) news release.

The Army troops were busy in assisting civil administration in rescue and relief efforts, it said.

It further said that the contingencies plans were in place to meet any flood situation.