Chinese Envoy welcomes expanding disaster management plans with Pakistan


ISLAMABAD, Dec. 27 (DNA): The Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong met Chairman National Disaster and Management Authority (NDMA) Lieutenant General Inam Haider Malik to discuss collaboration in disaster management.

According to Gwadar Pro on Tuesday,  they discussed the various aspects of mutual collaboration and proactive approach of disaster management in Pakistan.

The Ambassador underscored the strong collaboration at the front of climate-induced disaster management and stressed on further expansion of the existing working relation with Pakistan.

He suggested chalking out a comprehensive bilateral Memorandum of Understanding between NDMA and the Ministry of Emergency Management of China (MEM) for remodeling the National Preparedness & Response Regime complemented with technology and information sharing, establishment of Early Warning System and Weather Prediction Analysis.

He further stressed on enhancing the bilateral communication between NDMA and MEM.

On the other side Chairman NDMA thanked the overwhelming support by the Chinese government in rescue& relief operations during the floods in 2022.

He also acknowledged the continued assistance from China for the rehabilitation phase in flood affected areas.

Lieutenant General Inam Haider Malik shared details of the transformation plan of futuristic and technology-driven National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC) which will be the interface of integrated emergency response with all Government stakeholders, humanitarian agencies and international Donors.