Huawei continues to actively develop the partner ecosystem in Uzbekistan


Tashkent: Huawei, together with local partners Central Asia Distribution and Marvel Uzbekistan, held the Huawei 2022 Partner Conference in Tashkent.

At the event, which brought together system integrators and distribution partners of Huawei Enterprise in Uzbekistan, the participants discussed global and local trends in the field of ICT, prospects for the development of partner business, Huawei technology solutions and their capabilities as part of the implementation of the Digital Uzbekistan-2030 Strategy.

Huawei’s annual Partner Conference is held under the motto Enjoy Growth, Win Together, which reflects the corporation’s symbiotic approach to interacting with local IT market players in the implementation of joint projects. The participants of the event are traditionally heads and specialists in information technology, engineers, managers and owners of specialized companies involved in building ICT infrastructure, developing and implementing appropriate solutions.

In his opening speech, Cheng Hao, Head of Huawei Enterprise Uzbekistan, spoke about the company’s achievements and business development plans in the region. So, at the end of 2021, Huawei’s global sales revenue amounted to US$99.88 billion. At the same time, 22.4% of revenue was invested in research and development (R&D). As a result, over the past 10 years, Huawei’s investment in R&D has exceeded US$132.54 billion. All this allowed the company to take a leading position in the global ICT market, ranking first in terms of the number of registered patents in Europe and China, as well as second in terms of R&D investment in industrial projects in Europe.

“Over the past year, we, like many others, have faced new difficulties and challenges. However, all of our employees have demonstrated perseverance and diligence in their work to ensure the continuity of supply, the reliability and safety of our equipment and solutions, creating additional value for both our customers and the entire society,” said Cheng Hao. “Thus, technologies from the Digital Power division have enabled our customers to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 230 million tonnes. Huawei Cloud has become the fastest growing cloud service provider with over 220 cloud services and over 210 solutions developed by more than 2.6 million programmers worldwide. And Intelligent Automotive Solutions has partnered with over 300 ecosystem partners to launch over 30 smart vehicle components, accelerating the digital transformation of the automotive industry.”

“Huawei has been operating in Uzbekistan for over 20 years. During this time, a significant number of projects have been implemented, including the creation of a complex technological infrastructure that underlies the processes of Digital Transformation and building the Digital Economy. High technical expertise of partners, their knowledge of market features and customer requirements allow us to fully realize the potential of Huawei technologies inherent in their design and development. As a result of such interaction, the customer receives the most effective solution, and end-users receive the most advanced, fast and convenient digital services,” said Cheng Hao.

Wang Eryun, Director of Partner Relations at Huawei Enterprise in the Eurasia Region, spoke about the opportunities for cooperation with Huawei and the creation of a prosperous ecosystem through joint efforts, each member of which becomes a member of the global community and receives additional opportunities to develop their own business: “Partners traditionally play in the business of Huawei Enterprise key role. In addition to direct projects, during the implementation of which partners receive unique knowledge, we provide our partners with consulting services, full technical support, a full stack of E2E solutions with the best integration benefits, the possibility of using demo equipment, a training platform, a partner portal, community resources and marketing funds”.

Alan Nasurlayev, commercial director of Solutions Division Central Asia Distribution, also noted the importance of developing trusting and reliable partnerships, developing tactics for joint actions and joining efforts in an unstable market situation. In the current realities, growth is possible only for those companies that work on the expertise of the team, improve the level of service quality and fully understand the needs and capabilities of the customer. For their part, Central Asia Distribution expressed their readiness to help their partners at all these stages, following the strategy of coordinated actions and sharing risks.

Vasily Shramchevsky, a representative of Marvel Uzbekistan, shared with the conference participants plans for business development in the country in cooperation with the main industry players. Large-scale digitalization of all spheres, which has become one of the key trends in the states of Central Asia, makes it possible to build far-reaching plans aimed at strengthening their positions in the region. Thanks to a flexible partnership policy and a wide-ranging portfolio of infrastructure and consumer equipment, Marvel’s sales growth in 2021 was 67%.

A significant part of the conference was devoted to the updated technological line of Huawei, as well as the possibilities of its application in the process of Digital transformation and the implementation of the Digital Uzbekistan-2030 Strategy. Thus, Roman Svitich, system architect of Huawei Enterprise in the Eurasia region, presented an overview of Huawei’s current technological solutions, and also talked about how they allow you to create an innovative digital infrastructure to solve customer problems and increase the level of digital service for end users. Alexander Krinitsin, Director of Digital Transformation of Huawei Enterprise in the Eurasia Region, made a detailed report on the capabilities of the Huawei Smart Campus solution, which is the technological basis for digitalization of real estate – from the organization of intelligent building infrastructure management to the creation of a full-fledged smart city. A separate presentation was devoted to digital energy issues. Artur Khashimov, Product Manager of Huawei Digital Power in the Eurasia Region, demonstrated a wide range of Huawei solutions for generating, storing, transmitting and optimizing power consumption, as well as scenarios for their use in various industries to reduce carbon emissions and improve the environmental friendliness of production processes.

After the official part and reports, the participants had the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers and discuss the details in an informal setting.