Libraries at bus stands ‘vital initiative’ to instill book reading habit


ISLAMABAD, Dec 18 (DNA) — The Department of Libraries, working under the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration, has taken an initiative to establish libraries at the bus stands of the capital to inculcate reading habit among the citizens.

Although the internet facility has altered the trend of visiting libraries among most people, the ICT authorities are still striving to revive the book-reading culture by establishing such libraries.

The initiative of establishing book corners at the local bus stands by the Islamabad administration was a very positive step that will not only help revive the reading culture but also promote a positive image of the country, a visitor, Aslam Khan at F-6 book corner said while talking to a state run news agency. He said, as a nation, we need to acquaint the next generation to the rich literary asset, adding the steps taken by the ICT administration in that regard need to be promoted.

Muhammad Shakil, a lecturer while sharing his views said that the internet and android facilities had impacted the book reading culture but “we need to introduce the next generation to the special feeling of the touch of a book that is unique and has a special value”. He said that ensuring easy access to books can be the “most important step” towards the promotion of reading culture and educational institutions should also bring their students to these points to promote this culture.

Shakeela Bibi, a mother of two school-going kids, was of the view that “books are our best friends” but the internet had “replaced our priorities”. “We, as parents are also responsible for giving gadgets to engage our children instead of books,” she added.

The step taken by the ICT to introduce book corners at bus stands was a wake-up call to recognize “our responsibility to prioritize books” and promote the value of books, Shakeela stressed. She said that educational institutions should also play their due role in encouraging book reading culture and imparting the value of literature for building a healthy society. =DNA