Traditional Medicine Alliance to help build Pak-China Health Corridor

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BEIJING,: “We hope the Health Corridor could link China with Pakistan, ensure people’s health and wellness, and promote the development of TCM,” said Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz, President of China Pakistan Medical Association, according to a report published by Gwadar Pro on Friday.

Dr. Shahbaz made the remarks at the launching ceremony of the China-Pakistan Traditional Medicine and Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control Alliance (the Alliance) held in Shandong, China, aiming to help the building of the Pak-China Health Corridor.

The Alliance will promote the research on Herbal and Traditional Medicine in both countries, and jointly carry out research and development of new TCM, especially new anti-viral drugs for treatment of COVID-19 patients and others, according to Dr. Shahbaz.

“We want to build institutes and college of pharmacy with TCM characteristics in Pakistan, by the strength of the Alliance. We also plan to provide training for Pakistani medical staff on traditional medicine and therapies,” said Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz.

The traditional Chinese medicine plays an important role in helping the world combat the pandemic. TCM has proved to have a positive effect in coronavirus prevention and treatment.

Amid the global fight against COVID-19, the Alliance will further promote TCM experience on anti-pandemic to countries and regions along the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

“Since the establishment of the Alliance, we hope the Chinese and the Pakistani sides would carry out pragmatic cooperation on the research of traditional medicine’s role in epidemic diseases’ prevention and controlling, to benefit the two nations.” said Yu head of Shandong Academy of Chinese Medicine.

The Alliance is jointly established by the China-Pakistan Medical Association and the China Academy of Chinese Medicine.

Several Pakistani universities, including University of Punjab, Bahaudin Zakaria University and Gomal University, will join in the Alliance.

Haripur University & Apex College of Pharmacy have already joined the Alliance, besides, seven Chinese universities and institutes.